Virginia Cycling Association

Welcome to the new website for the Virginia Cycling Association.

We hope that this website will be cleaner and a bit easier to navigate. Please be sure to let us know know of improvements that can be made.

Jan 13 – Added the tentative 2019 race calender
Feb 24 – Archives from 1995 to 2010 now online, calendar update
April 14 – Added Battle at the Border to the BAR
April 22 – Sleepy Hole and Conquer the Canal TT added to BAR
April 28 – Jefferson Cup and Langley Speedway into BAR
June 9 – Big calendar update, results added, Page county into BAR
June 10 – Wintergreen into BAR and Omnium
June 23 – Fixed BAR results page, added USO Crit to BAR
July 14 – Franklin RR into BAR and Omnium