VCA Bylaws


Virginia Cycling Association
2017 Board of Directors:


President: James Schaefer
Vice President: Brian Adamchuk
Secretary: Ruth Stornetta
Treasurer: Tom Balaban
Championship Jersey Coord: Sean Yeager
Race Official Coord: Ruth Stornetta
BAR coordinator,
Web master:
Bill Henderson
Head Rider Representative: Dan Netzer
Women’s Racing Representative: Glenda Craddock
Junior Racing Representative: Mike Carey
Cyclocross Representative: Eric Crandell
Mountain Bike Representative: Lester Brown


Virginia Regional Area Reps:


Hampton Roads Richie Langley
Central Lester Brown
Northern Chris Gould
Western Jordan Whiley


Treasurer’s address:
Tom Balaban
1502 Vista St.
Richmond, VA 23231-3638
PayPal acct:

Please use the above links only for Virginia Cycling Association business.
If you have general cycling question, please use the VCA email group.