2019 Race Results

date Race Results
Feb 23-24 W&M Tidewater Classic
Feb 24 Todd Stadium Crit
Mar 3 Snowball Crit
Mar 9 Shamrock Crit
Mar 23 Battle of the Border
Mar 23 Virginia Tech – VT Cycling Maggie Valley Road Race
Mar 23-24 Virginia Tech – VT Cycling Bear Springs Road Race
Mar 24 Gerald and Peter Teeuwen Memorial Ride
Mar 31 Sleepy Hole
April 13 Conquer the Canal TT
April 14 Langley Speedway
April 20 Jefferson Cup
April 27-28 Tour of Page County
May 18 Wintergreen Hill Climb
Jun 2 USO Warrior Week Crit (age-graded crit championship)
Jun 9 Callaway RR
July 21 Smithfield Time Trial (senior TT championship)
Jul 27 Shenandoah TT
Jul 28 Shenandoah Speedway Points Race
Aug 10 Chesapeake Crit
Aug 11 PGT TT